Amazon Rumored To Release Smartphone With 3-D Screen

Amazon is expanding their hardware offerings with a new smartphone offering. What can we expect from the online retailer in the near future? Find out below.

Besides its Kindle e-readers an tablets, Amazon is developing a smartphone device to add to its lineup. According to the Wall Street Journal one of the devices will feature a glasses-free 3D screen, the other device will offer more traditional features. Besides the new smartphone offerings, Amazon is rumored to be working on an audio-only device that streams music.

It is interesting to see Amazon developing a device with a 3D screen due to the poor history of the feature. Nintendo has downplayed the 3D capability of its 3DS device in its recent marketing. Sony and HTC have also released released phones with 3D displays in the past, both which made a small impact on the market.

The WSJ reports says we can expect to see the devices within the next few months. The 3D screen smartphone is very interesting but specs on the audio streaming device are even more interesting. Could the device revolutionize the growing popularity of streaming

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music services? Could this device taking over the portable music marketing, primarily the Apple iPod? Only time will tell, Amazon at the moment has yet to comment on the recent rumors.


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