Amazon Developing A Set-Top Box Which Streams Video


Amazon has a huge video catalog and they are working on bringing it to your living room easier. The online retailer is expected to released a streaming video set-top this year. Details on the Amazon rumor can be found below.


Amazon, the worlds largest online retailer is currently working on a set-top box which will stream content from the Internet. Insiders aware of the project said the set-top box should be released later this year.

Many streaming products, like Roku and Boxee actually provide access to Amazon’s streaming library so

it would be a good move for the company. The product would also directly compete with Apple’s set-top box Apple TV. The set-top box would expand Amazon’s ecosystem which has already been broadening its catalog of tablets, electronic readers and a planned smartphone.

Pricing for the product has yet to be determined for the product. It is expected to follow Amazon’s competitive strategy, selling products at similar or lower than competitors hoping to make up for losses through the sale of content.

At the moment a representative of Amazon declined to comment.


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