5 Tips for Small Space Living

small space livingWith a recent trend in smaller living spaces, especially for younger generations, the ability to live efficiently with less space and fewer belongings is becoming ever more important. Following the financial crisis and even influenced by the Katrina Cottages built as an alternative to FEMA housing following Hurricane Katrina, small house living looks like it’s here to stay. Combining a small footprint with all the amenities that you need can be difficult. Whether you’re living in a small 1 bedroom in the city or a tiny house in the suburbs or country, maximizing your space can help you get the most out of your square footage.

Here are our Top 5 Tips for Small Space Living:

1. Have a place for everything so you can put everything in its place: Whether it’s built-in storage like bookcases and cabinets, or furniture pieces and creative storage ideas, have enough storage to allow for a tidy space. Stack up instead of sprawling out. Here are 12 tips on storage for a small space from the Huffington Post.

2. Choose your patterns wisely: As any designer will tell you, color and patterns matter. When decorating for a small space colors and patterns are crucial. The right color or pattern combination can make a small space look roomier, while the wrong patterns can make it feel even smaller. Here are some small bedroom color scheme ideas that help turn a small bedroom into a spacious feeling abode.

3. Decorate with purpose: Much like having a place for everything, your room decorations should be simple and with purpose… not because you found it at a yard sale and thought it might look cute “somewhere”. If you want to add something to your small space, first ask if it is necessary and if it is, see if there is something you could replace with it. Walls will be your friend, and again, stack up, not out. These tips for small space decorating from Country Living make a lot of good points that you can apply to your own home.

4. Think small and light: Much like choosing the right pattern or color, smaller objects, whether it’s a love seat instead of a full size sofa, or just downsizing your television, can make a big-small difference in a tiny space. Smaller furniture and decorations allow for more whitespace in the room, which in turn makes it look bigger. This doesn’t mean completely giving up on seating for guests, however. Find the happy medium, of multiple smaller sofas and chairs and ditch the overstuffed behemoths. Here are some more tips on thinking small and light for small space living from The Tenneseean.

5. Go multi-purpose: When you have limited space like a small house or dorm room, using tools with more than one purpose will give you comfort and convenience without the clutter. Swap out your regular sofa for a futon or sleeper sofa. Or go even more multi-purpose with appliances and accessories like this Phone Charging Bluetooth Speaker Desk Lamp, which combines three features in one. For our top ten products for small space living, check out the Sharper Image Blog.



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