3 Project Ideas for Your Portable Photo Printer

In the age of digital we’re missing much of what made printed photos so special. Whether it’s the ability to simply hold them in your hands, sense their age, or even cut them up to use in collages and more, printed photos have a value greater than the tangible. With a Portable Photo Printer you can print photos right from your phone or tablet anywhere, anytime. From there, how you use those photos is up to you but here are some of our favorite ideas.

  1. Create a collage for a family gathering showing what everyone’s been up to since the last time you got together. That cousin you haven’t seen for five years? Ask them to text or email some photos or simply ask to grab them from their Facebook page. Print out a collection of favorites then use construction paper cutouts for frames and paste them to a poster board for an inexpensive trip down memory lane. With a Portable Photo Printer you can do this even when visiting your relatives’ house and away from your home office.
  2. Make custom name cards for a special dinner. Sure, a quality paper stock and fancy calligraphy are classic, but for a fun dinner, print out a quality portrait of each guest and then tape or paste them into a card with a square cut out for a frame. With a Portable Photo Printer you can even accomplish this project when the guests arrive. Before dinner is served, make sure to snap a photo on your phone of each guest, then simply print it out and cut to shape. If you’re stealthy about it, your guests will be surprised to see a very recent photo of themselves at the table.
  3. Help the kids create a picture book on the spot. Let your kids borrow your phone or tablet (supervised or unsupervised, it’s up to you!) and explore the house or yard, snapping photos along the way. Print out the photos and let them glue or tape them to construction paper pages and write a story to connect the pages.

With a Portable Photo Printer, the possibilities limited only by your imagination! All Sharper Image photo printers come with free apps that let you get even more creative. So, you can crop, adjust colors, add borders and apply themes that make prints extra special. Whether you use it to make sure grandma has recent printed photos of all the grandkids or you go above and beyond with crafts, a Portable Photo Printer makes digital photos fun once again!

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